AI is going to be the defining technology of 21st Centaury, with many industries already utilizing AI in some form or the other like Siri and Self Driving Cars. We use Robotic process automation, machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks to deliver AI applications.


At Shadow, we capitalize the promise of AI to improve customer experience by forsee needs and conduct work to provide fast,efficient more productive outcomes.

AI Operating Model


Know what you want – stay focused on the business need


Identify when and where to apply it


Apply the appropriate resources and governance


Integrate with existing enterprise applications


Healthcare Industry

AI has been particularly useful in the healthcare industry because it generates massive amounts of data to train with and enables algorithms to spot patterns faster than human analysts.


Finance Industry

AI-based natural language processing tools to analyze brand sentiment from social media platforms and provide actionable advice. We use AI algorithms to conduct trading autonomously and robo-traders to conduct high-frequency trading for greater profits


Data Security

We Use (AEG) is a bot that can determine whether a software bug, which may cause security issues, is exploitable. If a vulnerability is found, the bot automatically secures it. AEG systems help develop automated signature generation algorithms that can predict the likelihood of cyberattacks.


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