block chain

Shadow developers use blockchain technology to build advanced applications, driving profound, positive changes across enterprises, communities and society. Using blockchain enterprises can supercharge trending technologies such as AI and IoT to securely manage supply chains. Shadow offers technology solutions that complement or combine with blockchain to mulitply its value.


Blockchain consulting, advisory services, Build and test Smart Contracts

Product and platform engineering with high speed and programmable cryptographic transactions

Cloud solutions for Azure Work Bench, Blockchain security services and Hyperledger

Scalable design using microservices 


Traceability and cost management by tracking the movement of goods, their quantity and so forth.


Eliminate human error and protect data from tampering to ensure guaranteed data accuracy.


Autonomous smart contracts, that can be validated, signed and enforced through a blockchain construct, saving the need for mediators.


Authenticate users and regulate the availability and privacy of protected records and information.