cloud recovery

Cloud-based storage and recovery solutions enable you to backup and restore your business-critical files in case they are compromised. Disaster recovery in cloud computing has revolutionized the way we approach our data. Knowing that you have a fast and efficient disaster recovery plan behind your back, can help you make bolder and better profit-boosting decisions.


We at Shadow enables efficient disaster recovery, regardless of the type or intensity of workloads. The data is stored in a secured cloud environment architected to provide high availability. 


Entire Server Backup

One of the main advantages of creating a disaster recovery plan in cloud computing is that you can back up the entire server almost simultaneously. All the information coupled with the systems and applications are grouped into one software block or a virtual server for easy backup.

Cost Efficiency

Creating a second data center in order to back up your data is a rather costly endeavor. The second data center is not used for anything so it just wastes your money while awaiting a disaster.

Faster Recovery Times

Experts from Firewall Technical point out that the response to the disaster in the cloud takes only a few minutes. Companies can recover from the disaster, using the available tools to automate the process.

No Location Ties

Choosing the right location for the disaster recovery facility is highly important because if the facility becomes a victim of the same disaster, the information will be lost forever.

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