server managment

As businesses grow, their IT needs grow with them and evolve. For a small business, it’s often enough to start out with a single server; in many cases, a workstation can double as one at first. But as they grow and add to their customer base, the demand on that workstation becomes greater, and the need for one or even more dedicated servers arises.


We at Shadow focuses on what you do best, running and growing your business.  We keep tracks of latest trends in technology, you don’t need to keep up on the latest security issues, and you get the luxury of time.

Our Managed Solution is designed to proactively maintain servers by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, management, unlimited remediation, helpdesk and emergency support. All fully managed services are delivered by our 24/7 Network Operations Center, and are designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of an unwanted technology failure, while resolving any identified issues.

Server Management Operating Model

Monitoring of the server and apps running on the server. Checking their status, uptime, and monitoring for any new or recurring issues.
The server and software installed on the server. Although most server management companies offer this as part of their services, some still don’t. Nevertheless,We still considered as part of the ‘server management’ process.
Setup and configuration. The actual server setup and configuration of software and services running on the server.


That way you get your peace of mind knowing that your server is managed properly by people who know what they are doing.

Fewer costs

Instead of hiring a full-time system administrator (which can be quite costly), you can get a server management plan and save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on a monthly basis

24/7 availability

We are available 24/7 (at least we are) and this is closely related to the quick turnaround time. It’s 3 AM in the middle of the night on a Saturday? No problem. We are available and ready to help..

Fewer worries

Why should you worry about updates and security of your server 24/7 when you can have experts taking care of your server?

Quick (er) turnaround time

Depending on the provider itself and the experience of the sysadmins involved, the turnaround time for server issues and tasks is fairly quick.

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